Social Media!

Wondering how you can get more Magic & Misadventures in your daily life? I sure am! 

I’ve got a few different social media thingies that I happily invite you to follow:

Facebook: The official Magic & Misadventures page. I’ll say something there when I post a new blog entry, I often share pictures, and it’s also where to find a running commentary if I’m actually at a Disney park. There’s also sometimes links to other interesting Disney-related articles, random thoughts, and other fun stuff.

Instagram: My Instagram feed, MagicandMisadventures, is where I post random pictures from my Disney trips or other Disney-related pics. So if you like looking at photos from the parks, please check this out. I try to post pics (almost) every day!

Twitter: My Twitter feed is a little different, as it’s not focused strictly on Magic & Misadventures. I do talk Disney, but I also talk video games and I’m known to sometimes spout out other random thoughts. Also the occasional social commentary. Follow the link, or search for the username @Doombug999

YouTube: I post clips from around Disney parks, including ride videos and other bits of randomness. I don’t use this as much, but if I have an interesting (to me) video, it’ll probably end up there. 

Email: Want to get in touch with me to share comments, questions, recipes, or video game cheat codes? Do you want to book me as a guest on your Disney podcast, or are you interested in having me write a guest blog post for your site? Send me a message at!


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