Guest Spots!

I’m a pretty popular guy, and lots of people want to hear what I have to say.

Well, that’s probably not entirely true, but I do like talking about Disney with other people and have been fortunate enough to do that as a guest on other Disney-related media. Check out the links below!

If you would like to book me as a guest on a podcast, or write a guest post on your Disney site, get in touch with me at

Spooky Ass Sh*t

Episode Five: Disney’s Haunted Mansion: This one is a little different, as it’s not travel advice but rather a conversation about the history of the Haunted Mansion attraction. It’s a bit more adult (due to some profanity) and more casual, and it was a lot of fun!

Episode Sixty: Ghosts of DisneyHost Eric Dwinnells and I discuss some ghost stories and urban legends, plus some real deaths, from Disneyland and Walt Disney World (based upon my post on the same subject).

The World of Walt Podcast: Making the Most of Your Walt Disney World Vacation

The World of Walt podcast is a lot of fun, and shares information ranging from top restaurants in the parks to the best things to do when it’s raining on your trip. It’s geared towards anybody who wants to learn more about Walt Disney World, whether it’s your first visit or you’ve been there before. While every episode of the podcast is fun and full of great information, I’ve linked directly to the episodes that I’ve been a guest on here. You can also get the podcast through iTunes.

Episode One: Top Six Magical Extras At The Magic Kingdom: In which we discuss often overlooked things to do at Magic Kingdom, such as the Kiss Goodnight and the Trolley Show. It’s a great list of activities and attractions that can add an extra bit of magic to a day at Walt Disney World.

Episode Three: Top Six Best Restaurants For First Time Visitors: Our list includes eateries such as Columbia Harbor House at Magic Kingdom and the 50’s Primetime Cafe at Hollywood Studios. We give some great ideas on where to eat, whether it’s your first time in the parks or not.

Episode Ten: Top Six Live Shows At Walt Disney World: From the spectacle of Fantasmic at Hollywood Studios, to the patriotic a cappella singing of EPCOT’s Voices of Liberty, we talk about some of the best live performances from all around Walt Disney World.

Episode Twelve: Top Six Sweet Treats At Walt Disney World: If you’ve got a sweet tooth, be sure to listen to this episode! From ice cream to candy apples, we talk about some of the sugary sweets that you can find at the parks.

Episode Fourteen: Top Six Personal Memories At Walt Disney WorldThis one’s a little different. Instead of giving travel advice or discussing particular attractions we’re talking about our own personal Walt Disney World memories from throughout the years.

Episode Sixteen: Top Six Reasons To Love Disney’s Hollywood StudiosFor lots of guests, Magic Kingdom is ‘Disney’, but there’s a lot more than just the one park. On this episode Herb and I talk about cool aspects of Hollywood Studios.

 Episode Eighteen: Top Six Places To Use Fastpass+ At The Magic Kingdom: From Peter Pan’s Flight to Space Mountain, we discuss attractions that can have long lines and are good candidates for a Fastpass.

Episode Twenty-Three: Top Six Interactive Queues At The Magic KingdomDisney has made waiting in line a fun part of the experience, with interactive ways to pass the time and expand the ride’s story.

Episode Twenty-Five: Top Six Reasons To Visit Disney World Without KidsLots of people assume that Walt Disney World is just for children, but the fact is that ‘kids of all ages’ can have a great time there.

Episode Twenty-Seven: Top Six Ways To Beat The Heat At Walt Disney WorldIt gets HOT in Florida, especially over the summer. Check out our discussion on ways to stay cool on your trip.

Episode Twenty-Eight: Top Six Reasons To Stay In A Disney ResortThere are lots of hotel options around Walt Disney World, but there’s nothing quite like staying on property. In this one we discuss why staying there can be better.

Episode Thirty: Top Six Tips For Healthy Eating At Disney World:  It can be tough to count calories on vacation (and, admittedly, I’m pretty bad at it myself). On this episode of the World of Walt podcast we discuss ways to eat a little healthier at Walt Disney World.

Episode Thirty-Three: Top Six Places To Send People Who Tire Of The Parks: Most people assume that Walt Disney World is just theme parks, but there’s a lot more to do on property. In this episode we offer suggestions to those who want some time away from the rides.

Episode Thirty-Five: Top Six Must Know Tips About Sorcerers Of The Magic Kingdom: The interactive Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom game is one of my favorite things to do while at Walt Disney World, and in this episode we discuss what the game is and tips for players.

Episode Forty-Two: Top Six Dreams For Disney’s Hollywood Studios: Lots of changes are in store for Disney’s Hollywood Studios park, and in this episode we discuss what we hope we see in the future.

Episode Forty-Four: Top Six Things We Miss About EPCOT Center: I love the classic EPCOT Center, and I enjoy any opportunity to talk about it. Herb at World of Walt gave me that opportunity, and we discuss things we miss about the earlier days of the park.

Episode Forty-Seven: Top Six Things To Know About MagicBands: The technology behind MagicBands is amazing, but people can have a lot of questions about them. So we put together a list of some handy things to know about them.

Episode Forty-Nine: Top Six Tips for Riding Kilimanjaro Safaris: One of the most popular attractions at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Kilimanjaro Safari is a lot of fun but is a little different than many other rides at the parks.

Episode Fifty-One: Top Six Non-Attraction Attractions At Walt Disney World: When you think of Walt Disney World attractions, you probably think rides and shops. But it also includes museums, an aquarium, and more.

Episode Fifty-Three: Top Six Disney World Attractions With Movies: Not all Disney attractions involve riding a vehicle or watching a live show, some include motion pictures.

Episode Fifty-Five: Top Six Earworm Songs At Walt Disney World:  Some of the songs from the parks definitely get into your brain and refuse to leave.

Episode Fifty-Seven: Top Six Reasons To Appreciate Tomorrowland:  I love Tomorrowland in Magic Kingdom, and take any opportunity to talk about it.

Episode Sixty-Four: Six Attractions We Miss From The Magic KingdomChange is a constant at Disney parks, and while new attractions may be great there can still be lots of nostalgia for those that have closed.

Episode Sixty-Six: Six Boat Ride Attractions Inside Disney World ParksDisney rides can really range in type and theme, and in this podcast we focus on some of the different boat rides around the parks.

Episode Seventy-One: Top Six Reasons Not To Overlook Star ToursI love Star Wars, and I love Star Tours, so I jumped at the opportunity to talk with Herb about the attraction.

Episode Seventy-Three: Top Six Things You Appreciate At Disney As An Adult That You Didn’t As A KidI’ve been going to Walt Disney World since I was really young. In this episode Herb and I discuss some things that we didn’t really notice as kids but we appreciate now that we’re older.

Episode Eighty-Three: Top Six Disney Vacation Planning Trade Offs: In this episode, Herb and I take on a “debate” style format to discuss some of the big decisions that come up when planning a trip to Walt Disney World.

Episode Eighty-Five: Top Six Reasons Not To Overlook The PeopleMover: The PeopleMover is one of my favorites, so I was excited to talk about this classic attraction.

Episode Eighty-Seven: Top Six Ways To Save Money At Disney World: A Disney trip is expensive, but there are small ways to save some money here and there. In this episode, Herb and I look at ways to keep a few extra dollars in your pocket.

Episode Eighty-Nine: Top Six Disney Parks That Never Made It Off The Drawing Board: Throughout Disney’s history, there have been plenty of park ideas that never made it off the drawing board. In this episode, Herb and I discuss some of these concepts.

Episode Ninety-Five: Top Six Tips for Solving the Haunted Mansion Queue Puzzle: There’s a lot of fun hidden things to discover in the Haunted Mansion’s interactive queue, one of which is this entertaining riddle. We break down what this is, and how to solve it (based on my post which also covered this brilliant bit of Disney magic).

Episode One Hundred Eleven: Top Six Ways Cast Members Make Your Vacation Special:  The cast members of the Disney parks are more than just employees, they’re a big part of the magic. In this episode we look at some ways these special folks can add a bit more pixie dust to your trip.

Episode One Hundred Twenty Seven: Top Six Interesting Details in Big Thunder Mountain Railroad: On this episode, we discuss a favorite–Big Thunder Mountain Railroad–and go beyond just the “wildest ride in the wilderness” to point out some cool details about the classic attraction.

Episode One Hundred Twenty Nine: Top Six Reasons Not to Overlook Storybook Circus: On this, my final collaboration with the World of Walt podcast (because it sadly ended its run) Herb and I talk about Storybook Circus, a land in Magic Kingdom that many people may walk right by, and discuss why perhaps they should check it out.



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