Mousekeeping Envelopes

At Disney resort hotels, the “Mousekeepers” are the cast members who keep the rooms clean, and it’s not uncommon for guests to tip these hardworking individuals for the service they provide.

We created these special envelopes a while back to tip our Mousekeepers, and wanted to share them so others can add an extra bit of Disney magic to this practice. There are five different styles, based on some of the most iconic Disney characters. You can download the entire set here: mousekeeping-envelopes


Using them is super simple!

  1. Print out the set
  2. Cut out each separate design
  3. Each one should be folded twice, along the separations in the design (so the blank part of the page is on the inside). This will create a tri-fold envelope.
  4. Put some money inside! These envelopes are designed to be a bit smaller than the bills, to make it easier to identify that they’re holding a tip.
  5. Smile in knowing that you added an extra bit of pixie dust to someone’s day!

I hope you enjoy using these!