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Complaining. Plain and simple.

Defending Disney

Recently, I took a break from watching Horizons ride-through videos and funny cat gifs online and I read an article in which the author basically questioned why any rational adult couple would ever go to a Disney park. She said that … Continue reading

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Out Of Toon

Have you seen the recent live-action Jungle Book movie? I went to see it while it was still in theaters. It took aspects from the animated movie–as well as elements from Rudyard Kipling’s original tale–and overall it was a fun moviegoing experience. It … Continue reading

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Selfie Interest

Last week, the California Screaming’ roller coaster at Disney’s California Adventure was temporarily shut down. The ride was stopped and people were evacuated. This all happened because, while the ride was in motion, a guest pulled out a selfie stick and … Continue reading

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