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Talking about attractions or other aspects of the parks that are (for better or for worse) gone from the World.

A Letter About EPCOT

Dear Powers-That-Be at Disney, Nowadays it seems that “Epcot” is just a name for a theme park, a word with no real meaning. EPCOT, though, used to stand for something: Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow. It was a term coined by … Continue reading

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The Spookiest Place On Earth

Welcome, foolish mortals, to the Magic & Misadventures Halloween post. It’s a… ghost post, if you will.  You may have heard, my dear readers, of the lamp in Walt’s Disneyland apartment. Situated in a window above the Main Street Fire Station, … Continue reading

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The Cast Member Diaries Part Three: All Good Things…

In the Cast Member Diaries Part One: From Guest to Cast Member, our epic saga began as I explained how I (on a whim) came to be employed at Walt Disney World and I told the tale up through my … Continue reading

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