About Me!

Hi everyone!

This is me:


My name is Aaron, though my online handle is more often than not “Doombug”. That’s a slight modification of ‘doom buggy’, which is what they call the vehicles in the Haunted Mansion. Because, yes, I’m that much of a Disney nerd.

I’ve been to Walt Disney World a lot. My grandparents lived nearby, so growing up my family would drive down from Massachusetts multiple times a year to visit them and we would always go to the parks while we were in the area. I went to college in Orlando, and while living there I spent some time as a cast member at the (at the time) Disney/MGM Studios park. I’m often the “go to guy” amongst friends when they’re planning a Walt Disney World vacation, offering advice and suggestions and sharing my years of experience.

So I was working on writing a Disney World travel guide, and in it I started sharing stories and anecdotes from my many park visits. Eventually I was having more fun just doing that, thus Magic and Misadventures was created. There’s little I enjoy more than talking about Disney, and really this whole blog thing is just an outlet to do that.

Currently I live outside of Boston with my wife, and I work as a freelance theatrical technician. My daughter is in college as a dance major, and one of her goals is to dance at Walt Disney World one day. I also have a dog, Stitch, who seems largely unimpressed by the sheer amount of Disney-related stuff around our home.


1 Response to About Me!

  1. Lou says:

    Nice meeting you and your wife today at the D23 pin line. Hope you got what you wanted.


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