Disney Obsession Week

By now I think I’ve made it pretty clear that I love Disney in general, and Walt Disney World in particular. I talk about it a lot, I pretty much always want to be there, and over the years I’ve spent a fair bit of money on trips to “The Most Magical Place On Earth”.

I’m not the only one, either. Lots of people feel the same way.

But what is it about Walt Disney World that fosters this obsession within us? Why do we plan and save to go see the same rides we’ve seen a hundred times and the shows we know by heart? What is it about these theme parks that draws us back at every opportunity?

Let’s face it, as rational adults (descriptors I very rarely use) we know that it’s really a cast member in a costume, but that didn’t stop my wife and me from excitedly waiting in line to meet the actual Buzz Lightyear on our honeymoon.


We totally got to meet the REAL BUZZ LIGHTYEAR!

I reached out to some equally obsessed friends to ask them why they feel this way. What is it about these parks that captivates us?

Each day this week, from Monday to Friday, I’ll be posting their responses. I’m going first (it’s my blog, so I get the Fastpass), and then each day I’ll publish a post from a different guest writer about why they love the Disney parks so much. Though it’s all primarily focused on Walt Disney World, there is one piece on Disneyland. Different coast, same obsession.

If you’re equally obsessed, then you’ll probably find yourself agreeing with a lot of what’s said. If you’re not, then maybe this will offer some insight into why we love that magical place so much.

So be sure to check back each day to read a new opinion on the matter, and please keep your hands and arms inside the train–and remain seated at all times–’cause this here is the wildest ride in the wilderness!

PS: If you got that reference, you’ll definitely agree with much of what’s said this week…


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